January 28, 2004


Aisling is combining video clips from her phone in some interesting ways...

So if you see a smiling Irish girl wandering around Cambridge holding her phone to her face, say hi...

but beware... she can be pretty crazy:

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The luv-ly office park view


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January 27, 2004

Scoble vs. Doctorow on DRM

Post, and Riposte

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January 11, 2004

Recycle your gadgets

Christine writes on the Mauve balogue:

though i can't vouch for these organizations, these seem like good causes to pursue when you upgrade your technology in 2004. Earth 911 recycles used laptops and mobile phones; CollectiveGood recycles mobiles; and (supposedly, though i couldn't get this link to work) GreenDisk recycles CDs, DVDs, and their cases. Go on, be a better person this year.

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January 10, 2004

Beautiful = usable?

An experiment was conducted to test the relationships between users' perceptions of a computerized system's beauty and usability.... Pre-experimental measures indicate strong correlations between system's perceived aesthetics and perceived usability. Post-experimental measures indicated that the strong correlation remained intact.
Link (via V-2.org)
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Shantanu's Top 20

Shantanu's list of top 20 websites

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Blog app in QuickBase

Shantanu Oak created a blogging app using QuickBase. Cool!

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Macworld SF

Just returned last night from a few days at Macworld in San Francisco. Some observations on the show:
1. There was no real excitement. No significant new product launches, no cool new products. Sure, the ipod mini is cute, and the button design is a vast improvement over the latest traditional ipods, but there's nothing especially revolutionary in the design, technology or business. Nice to hear that there's going to be another version of Microsoft Office, though.
2. Few business buyers. Full disclosure -- I went to the show at the behest of Intuit to talk to prospective customers about QuickBase and make a show of corporate support for the Mac, so I can admit to a certain bias... but it certainly seemed as though the bulk of the people wandering the show floor were retired, students, mostly there for the entertainment value. There was a decent contingent of smallbiz tech consultants and graphic designers.

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Belated new year's resolutions for 2004:

1. Put more good things in the world.
2. Don't keep me to myself quite so much.

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