May 27, 2003

How to stimulate the economy

Encourage the purchase of large luxury SUVs, apparently.

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America Goes Backward

Stanley Hoffman dissects the longer-term repercussions of our actions toward the rest of the world, and explains, once again, why Bush has to go.

The anti-Americanism on the rise throughout the world is not just hostility toward the most powerful nation, or based on the old clichés of the left and the right; nor is it only envy or hatred of our values. It is, more often than not, a resentment of double standards and double talk, of crass ignorance and arrogance, of wrong assumptions and dubious policies. Whether our current leaders are capable of self-examination at a time of military victory may affect the planet for a long time to come.

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Maybe it's not quite like the seventies after all

Despite some similar themes -- recession, a highly questionable war -- one thing is clearly quite different. NYT: Trust in the Military Heightens Among Baby Boomers' Children

Oh, and the movies are a bit different, too.

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Pictures from chile

Okay, only two months later: some photos from my trip to Chile with Christine.


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For once, common sense prevails

CNN: Poll: Most believe drivers, not roads or cars, are biggest danger

The consumer advocate lobby has achieved some excellent advances in auto safety. Unfortunately, the movement's 35-year focus on studying accidents as epidemics without addressing driver behavior has rendered it blind something very obvious to the public -- if people drive stupidly, they're much more likely to hurt themselves.

If anyone is interested in building driving skill and learning about car control, I'll be instructing at this event on June 8th. BMW not required.

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